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They Thought They Buried Us

Horror fan and aspiring film director Yuiza gets a scholarship to a prestigious boarding school. But that's just the tip of the iceberg.

As one of the few students of color at Our Lady of Perpetual Mercy, Yuiza immediately feels out of place. A brutal work-study schedule makes it impossible to keep up with the actual classes. Every expense, from textbooks to laundry, puts Yuiza into debt. And the behavior of students and faculty is... unsettling.

Yuiza starts having disturbing dreams about the school's past and discovers clues about the fate of other scholarship students. It'll take all Yuiza's knowledge of the horror genre to escape from Our Lady's grasp.

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Praise for They Thought They Buried Us

“A reflection of colonization and current society so real, it is unclear where the truth ends and the horror begins. This book will make you rethink everything you thought you knew and channel the power of ancestors into your soul with a calling to rise up in power. Unforgettable.” Joanna Ho, author of The Silence That Binds Us

“A riveting horror story. . . that reads like a Jordan Peele movie. . . the perfect choice for readers searching for purposeful horror that lingers long after the last page.” Sandra Proudman, editor of Relit: 16 Latinx Remixes of Classic Stories

​​“NoNieqa Ramos crafts a mesmerizing, razor-sharp horror story, spinning an intricate web of secrets, betrayals, biting humor and exacting truth. They Thought They Buried Us will challenge readers and devour hearts.” Alexandra Villasante, author of The Grief Keeper

“Being a horror fan is better when you’re not the main character, but for Yuiza, it’s their only way out of a living nightmare. With a tightly-plotted mystery and snark that sings to a misfit’s heart, Nonieqa Ramos’s They Thought They Buried Us uncovers what happens when the ones rewriting history run out of ink.”Amparo Ortiz, author of Last Sunrise in Eterna

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